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News breaks first on Twitter. Place your brand front and centre with an audience that is leaned in, curious and engaged.

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The audience you're after is on Twitter. As the world’s number one news platform, Twitter is where news breaks first and stories unfold. Twitter is live, public and conversational – and brands get to connect with their audience whilst they are leaned in and most receptive..

Influence > Twitter

2/3 of Twitter users influence friends and family members in their purchase decisions. When you reach an audience on Twitter, you're accessing influence across their friends and family too.

#1 for Discovery

Twitter is the world's number 1 discovery platform. Twitter's audience is receptive. Twitter is where we discover and share. As the world's #1 News App, Twitter is where news breaks first.
See how Nike led an important conversation.
Price Transparency
As exclusive reseller partners of Twitter, we do not apply a markup to any media. Brands have peace of mind that they are purchasing Twitter advertising at the best possible price.
Focussed Experts
Each platform is resourced with a dedidated sales and customer success team. This ensures that brands enjoy support at the same standard that they would receive directly from any platform.
Ad Dynamo is a human business and we invest heavily to ensure that you access leading minds and current, relevant solutions.

Ad Formats on Twitter

Promoted Account

The best way to build your audience on Twitter. Target customers and only pay when their follow your brand on Twitter.
The best advertising product for brands new to Twitter.

Promoted Tweet

Amplify your Tweets to a larger, targeted audience to gain more exposure.
Did you know? You can promote any organic Tweet. Twitter helps identify your top performing organic Tweets for you to promote to a larger audience.


Twitter delivers best in class video formats with variety of options for advertisers.
Tweets with Video get 10x more engagement.
People watch 2 billion videos on Twitter per day.

Promoted Trend

Own the top trending spot on Twitter in a country for 24 hours. A great way to own or start a conversation.


Reach every logged in user on Twitter in a country for 24 hours, in their timeline. Firstviews offer brands instant reach and awareness and are perfect for product launches.

Twitter Cards

Twitter Cards can be used in any Tweet to take advantage of the right creative format for your brand objective. Examples of cards include App Install, Conversational Cards, Video Cards, Website Video Cards and more.

Example Ad Formats on Twitter

Example Promoted Account
Example Promoted Tweet
Example Promoted Trend
Example App Intall Card
Example Conversational Card
Example First View
Example Gif Card
Example Video Website Card
Example Video Card