Ads on Spotify

Embrace the power of audio & reach your audience whilst listening to what they love.

The World's #1 Streaming Service

Today, Spotify is the world’s most popular audio streaming subscription service with 299m users, including 138m subscribers, across 92 markets.

All Day Access

Spotify has an engaged audience that spends their day listening for 2.6hrs across devices.

Diverse Ad Formats

In-app environment ensures a high-quality ad experience that includes audio, video and display with industry-leading viewability and ad experiences with measured success.

You Are Your Music

Streaming reflects you. Advertisers can tap into Moods, Moments & Mindsets through the signals of music.

76% of people listen to digital audio streaming, daily.

If your brand has seen success on traditional radio, Spotify is going to wow you. Deliver the same audio ads to an audience listening to what they love. Reinforce your message with high impact visual and video ad formats.

Spotify Ad Formats

Access a highly targeted audience doing what they love.

The music we listen to denotes our mood & mindset. Spotify's sophisticated targeting capabilities helps brands target specific audiences whilst enjoying the music they love.

Target Spotify users by Age, Gender, Music Genre & Playlist.

Price transparency

As the exclusive reseller partner for Spotify in South Africa, you access Spotify advertising at the most affordable rate. Work with our Spotify specialist team to maximise the performance of your campaign.