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Yahoo! delivers Performance Advertising.


If you're advertising with programmatic, you're already buying Yahoo!. Chat to us to optimise your media investment and achieve tailored performance.

Native Advertising

What do Engadget, TechCruch, AOL, HuffPost, Yahoo! (and 50 other digital properties) have in common? They're all part of Yahoo! and you can reach their audiences with high performing native advertising.

Display Advertising

Access Yahoo's diverse audience in Africa with Display Advertising.

Discover Yahoo!

50+ Owned & Operated Properties

Access audiences across the well known properties that you already trust, including AOL, Yahoo!, Engadget, TechCrunch, HuffPost and many more.

Precise Targeting

Proven targeting options offer brands laser-like reach of specific audiences without sacrificing scale.
Targeting options include: Geo, Custom Audiences (using email addresses), interests and demographic.

20M+ Users in Africa

Reach substantial audiences in South Africa, Kenya & Nigeria.

30% More Cost Effective

Customers in South Africa & Kenya achieve an average of 30% cost efficacy compared to other performance advertising solutions.

Yahoo! Advertising Options


If you're advertising through a programmatic DSP, you're already buying some Yahoo! inventory (even if inadvertantly). Chat to us to optimise your buying and get outcome-focused deals put in place.

The best bit? You change nothing - continue buying your prommatic inventory in exactly the same way, but with added support and insight from Ad Dynamo - at no change in the way you are currently billed/serviced.

Native Advertising

Seamless advertising across the properties you know and love. Yahoo's Native Advertising delivers competitive performance at scale. 99% ad viewability ensures that brands receive top value, and CTR's of up to 11x higher than display advertising help to highlight the effectively of Yahoo's Native solution.

Display Advertising

Achieve show stopping impact and reach. Home page takeovers on high traffic properties such as Yahoo! are deal for product launches and owning big moments.