Native ads mirror the form and function of its environment, which means an improved ad experience.


Build your brand with exclusive, premium ads in highly visible placements within the publishers’ landing pages.


Use algorithms to execute media placements, and choose the best custom audiences for your campaign objectives.

Verizon Media Offers Choice

Verizon Media gives you choice between different ad formats – choose between native, premium or standard display programmatic ads, or combine them all to make maximum impact. Native ads give you the power of performance and a seamless user experience. Premium allows you to exclusively own the best real estate our premium publishers have to offer. Programmatic enables easy ad buying through algorithm on any DSP, as well as enhanced results through open auction buying or through private marketplace deals (PMPs).

The Power of  Data

This mass of data (4 trillion data points collected each month) enables very accurate audience segmentation. It means we know our audience and what they want to see, which means powerful targeting and ads that deliver to the most relevant audience across the Verizon Media network. Of course the result is improved performance and superior return on investment (ROI).

What is Native?

Native ads mirror the shape, form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. That means that native ads aren’t disruptive or intrusive, offering a seamless user experience. The effect of this is simple – we see that native ads deliver 3 times more clicks than standard banner ads. Imagine the effect that will have on your engagement and click-through rates, and ultimately your return on investment, it’s all good!

What is Premium?

Verizon Media’s Premium buys allows your brand to exclusively own our most visible ad space for maximum impact. Own the moment with a full-screen /billboard/midpage ad slot takeover using image or video formats. Use the premium ad space to showcase interactive content, videos and more. Oath offers premium buys on multiple properties – view rate card here.

Explore the available premium solutions below.

Yahoo Mail Login
Own the entire screen exclusively on a daily or weekly basis. This is a fantastic showcase which allows your image or video creative to shine in a fullscreen desktop format.
Yahoo Home Page Takeover (HPTO)
Be front and centre on Yahoo’s home page through billboard and midpage (DMPU) ads on CPM or exclusive daily/weekly tenancy. This primary real estate utilises standard formats of 970 x 350 for the billboard, and 300 x 600 for the midpage unit.
Huffington Post Premium
We are happy to announce that our SA clients are now able to access HuffPost Premium inventory. This includes our Billboard (970×250) and DPMU/Halfpage (300×600) units which can include video, interactive content, dynamic data and expansion to offer more real estate. Visit Huffington Post to see these units in-situ. CPM rates available on request.
Mobile Moments
Another excellent splash format now available is Mobile Moments, which has recently been added to our Native Ad Stream Portfolio. Both solutions are geared toward generating mass awareness, owning prominent premium space, and achieving brand lift. Leveraging the interscroller format, a Mobile Moments ad is revealed as a user scrolls vertically until the experience fills the entire screen, supporting both static and video portrait assets. Explore some demos of the engaging format here or check out this Star Wars example.

What is Programmatic?

Programmatic advertising refers to the use of an algorithm to buy digital ad inventory, as opposed to the traditional process that involves RFPs, human negotiations, and manual insertion orders. The algorithm calculates which ad inventory will be the most relevant to your objectives. The advantages are convenience thanks to the automation, and typically optimised costs and performance. 

Verizon Media offers programmatic buying on any DSP, via Brightroll Exchange for Display (BRXD). You can bid on open auction or Private Marketplace (PMP) – Yahoo’s premium audiences. PMPs enables targeting to a specific relevant audience that is aligned to your objectives. Choose from over 40 audiences, including Luxury, Sports, Finance, News, Entertainment, B2B and many more, to deliver exceptional results.