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Deliver on your performance objectives with Yahoo! Gemini.  Native ads on Verizon Media deliver a 3x higher click through rate.

Mass Reach

Reach over 17 million unique users in Sub-Saharan Africa, including 7 million in South Africa.

Cost Competitive

Market-beating benchmarks offer a highly effective ROI.


Billions of data points daily means more relevant targeting to reach your exact target audience.

Meet Verizon Media

Verizon Media combines the best of Yahoo! and AOL owned properties to offer marketers reach at scale across Africa.

Marketers can advertise across the Verizon Media family through native or programmatic. 

Yahoo! Alexa Rankings:

  • South Africa – 5th
  • Nigeria – 6th
  • Kenya – 8th

As Verizon Media’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa, Ad Dynamo’s oath is to deliver high performance.  Verizon Media believes in honest, transparent partnership with brands to unlock performance and achieve brand objectives.  Ad Dynamo’s role is to operate as an extension of Verizon Media on the ground, in Africa, supporting brands to ensure they get the most out of the platforms offering.

Learn About Verizon Media

Verizon Media transforms how people stay informed and entertained, communicate and transact. We create new ways for partners around the world to connect


Performance Advertising

Verizon Media is a house of over 50 premium publishing brands, enabling advertisers to build brands that people love. Verizon Media offers performance at scale through native and programmatic advertising.

Verizon Media’s native advertising interface, Yahoo Gemini, utilises billions of audience data points that marketers can leverage to reach their objectives through intent-driven advertising. Verizon Media’s network of owned and operated properties as well as network partners reaches over 1 billion users, across more than 2 billion devices globally.

Powerful data sets Verizon Media apart

Verizon Media utilises over 165 billion data points from its audience daily, and over 4 trillion data points monthly. The data is collected from many sources, such as mobile data, search data, email data, in-app data, demographic and registration data, ad engagement, content consumption, social preference and cross-platform mapping.

Why Advertise on Verizon Media?

  • Verizon Media offers mass reach with over 15 million unique users in SubSaharan Africa, of which 7 million are in South Africa.
  • Performance at scale: Native delivers 3 higher click-through rate (CTR) than standard banner ads, and superior targeting lowers Cost per Acquisition (CPA) up to 80%.
  • Flexible pricing model: CPC, CPM and CPV options available.
  • Cost effective: Newly managed inventory will deliver low ad costs.
  • Convenience: Repurpose your current Facebook creatives to get your image and video campaigns running on Verizon Media quickly and easily.
  • Variety of ad formats: Choice of native image and video display ads, mail ads, dynamic product ads, app install/retargeting, carousel, tile or slideshow ads.
  • Viewability and brand safety: Verizon Media content is mostly owned and operated, so brand safety is virtually guaranteed. Viewability is also verified at 99% MOAT and IAS.

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