Promoted Tweets

  • Twitter’s most sophisticated ad product
  • Target a specific audience
  • Amplify any Tweet by promoting it
  • Increase influence & brand recall
  • Drive specific engagements such as retweets, favourites, video views, website visits, app installs or lead generation
  • Extend reach to an even larger audience with Twitter Audience Platform

Twitter’s Promoted Tweets allow a brand to amplify any Tweet to a larger, targeted audience. Increase brand recognition and drive engagement.

Product Overview
Extend your reach to a larger, relevant audience with Promoted Tweets. Brands can promote an existing (organic) Tweet or choose to only promote a Tweet. Promoted Tweets drive engagement and with objective bidding, you’re able to specify the particular engagement you’d like to achieve such as website visits, app installs or lead generation. Promoted Tweets allow brands to leverage Twitter Cards to the full – extending the canvas of 140 characters to include images or video. 

Pricing is extremely simple – as with any Twitter campaign, you can set an overall campaign budget as well as a daily budget. You pay per follower and are able to set the maximum bid you are willing to pay a follower.

You can target a specific audience using one or more of Twitter’s powerful targeting options- some of the most effective targeting options include:

  • Keywords (reach users “in the moment” by targeting predictable conversations relevant to your brand)
  • Followers of specific @handles (e.g.: users that follow businesses similar to yours)
  • by interest
  • All targeting options can be overlaid with geographic, gender, language, and device-type targeting filters