Promoted Accounts

  • Only pay for new followers
  • Target a specific audience
  • More followers leads to increased long-term organic engagement
  • 100% potential organic reach of all your followers

Twitter’s Promoted Account product is the single best way to increase your follower base. Growing your followers increases the audience you reach organically, and also has a long term impact on engagement with your brand – more followers means increased clicks, retweets & favourites.

Product Overview
Promoted Accounts are the recommended starting point for any brand new to advertising on Twitter.
Promoted Accounts increase followers cost effectively, & coupled with Twitter’s targeting capabilities, brands have the confidence that new followers are the right audience. More followers increase your reach allow brands to generate higher organic engagement from their Tweets. 

Pricing is extremely simple – as with any Twitter campaign, you can set an overall campaign budget as well as a daily budget. You pay per follower and are able to set the maximum bid you are willing to pay a follower.

You can target a specific audience that fits the profile of your ideal followers – some of the most effective targeting options include:

  • Look-a-likes (users similar to your existing follower base)
  • Followers of specific @handles (e.g.: users that follow businesses similar to yours)
  • by interest
  • All targeting options can be overlaid with geographic, gender, language, and device-type targeting filters