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Twitter is what’s happening.

As the world’s number one news platform, Twitter is where news breaks and stories unfold.  Twitter is live, public and conversational – allowing us an unfiltered platform to connect with what matters most to us.

We Love & Know Twitter

As Twitter’s ad sales partner across Africa since 2013, our dedicated Twitter team knows the platform better than anyone in Africa.

Thought Leadership

Premium brands have access to our exclusive brand strategy team, who work closely with Twitter globally to offer worldclass creative and strategic input.

Price Transparency

As Twitter’s official partner, our services are free of charge. Your Twitter media investment will be the only cost to you.

Insights and Reporting

We deliver optimization recommendations and campaign reporting to help unlock insight and maximise your investment.

Twitter: A Place for Discovery

Get out there with Twitter Ads and be #WhatsHappening…

It is this understanding that Twitter is #WhatsHappening that draws people to the platform because people come to Twitter to discover everything that is happening in the world around them. Recent studies have found that South African Twitter users spend twice as much time on Twitter, researching brands and products, than any other online platforms. So, why wouldn’t your brand want to live on Twitter?

Whether it has to do with news, politics or entertainment, people come to Twitter to participate in, engage with, and consume content that speaks to local and global conversations that are being driven by users and events around the world.

Explore Twitter's Promoted Products

Promoted Products offer brands a range of opportunities to unlock value from Twitter.  Whether you’re looking to grow or engage your audience, build your brand, or drive direct response, there is a solution for you.

And of course, with Twitter’s sophisticated targeting options, you get to talk to the right people.

Twitter Ads Manager

What is Twitter Ads Manager? We want every advertiser to get the best performance from their campaigns. Twitter Ads Manager provides a central workspace to plan, manage, and report on campaigns. It allows marketers to easily view and optimize performance at multiple levels – campaigns, ad groups, or promoted Tweets and other ads. 

You can see Ads Manager by logging into your Ads Account (ads.twitter.com), where you will automatically be brought to the Ads Manager as your home screen.  From there, you can customize your view to see relevant campaigns, creatives, and results.

Ad Dynamo & Twitter

On the enterprise Twitter platform, you will enjoy free value adds such as technical support, access to exclusive Twitter features, an account executive,  account manager and brand strategists.

Ad Dynamo charges no markup for its service - we are contracted by Twitter to service brands in Africa.

We work with all the stakeholders in the value chain such as the brand, the agency and media buyers. As we represent the media owner we respect all relationships and due processes. The idea behind having an enterprise solution is to allow advertisers to form deeper long-term partnerships with Twitter. 

Want to meet?

Meet one of our team members to learn more about how Twitter can help your business.