First View

  • Build mass awareness of video content
  • Own the top Trend on the day
  • Is the first thing users see when logging on that day.



Twitter’s First View allows a brand to raise mass awareness about a particular conversation and a specific piece of video content. Exclusive to one brand per country per day.

Product Overview
First View has the biggest reach in the shortest time frame of all the Twitter products. It’s perfect for a product launch, event or any other time sensitive campaign. Owning the First View on the day also means you own the Trend on the day. You can use your own #hashtag or even promote a #hashtag that you anticipate will trend organically. Since you are able to attach content to the search results of a Promoted Trend, you are able to build association with a #hashtag & generate conversation.

First Views are sold at a fixed cost for 24 hours – pricing differs from country to country. The value delivered by the placement of the pinned video creative and the organic interactions with your pinned Tweets delivers great results for brands across Africa.

The only targeting criteria for a First View is Country – a brand effectively reaches every user that logs onto Twitter on the day.