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Spotify Ad Formats


Reach your Audience through audio messaging, while they are most engaged with their music.


Tell your brand story through compelling visuals between songs.


Put your brand at the center of your viewers attention with ads designed specifically for viewability.

Audio Advertising

100% Share of Voice with Audio Advertisements. 

Reach your target audience on any device, in any environment with Audio Advertisements.

Audio ads are served between songs, during listening sessions and ensures your brand achieves 100% SOV.
Your brand will also have ownership of a clickable companion display unit which will allow you to extend your campaign and drive users to a new URL destination. 

Video Adverts

Using Spotify’s unique streaming intelligence, we can identify in real time what a listener is doing, giving brands the opportunity to engage with listeners at the prime moment. Video Adverts gives your brand access to a premium experience – when ads are delivered to logged-in users when they’re engaged with Spotify. 

With Video Adverts, your message is served to listeners between songs and includes a clickable companion display unit for campaign extension. 

Sponsored Sessions

Give your users 30 minutes or free listening.

With Sponsored Sessions, you offer your audience the opportunity to unlock 30 minutes of ad-free listening in exchange for watching your brands video. 

Users will recieve your brands Sponsored Session only if the ap is in view. After watching your video message, a clickable display uint appears inviting further engagement to initiate the 30 minute ad free session. 

Sponsored Playlist

Sponsor Spotify’s top real estate – their owned and operated playlists.

With Sponsored Playlists your brand creates a playlist that aligns your target audience. Playlists have a passionate, loyal fan base and we will ensure that your brand is amplified and heard through Sponsored Playlists.

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