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Dedicated Snapchat team

Our official Snapchat sales team is made up of passionate, knowledgable Snappers who understand Africa and its users.


Need inspiration and creative input?  Our team is equiped to inspire your ideation planning, drawing on Snapchat’s global database of creative executions.

Price Transparency

As Snapchat’s official partner, we charge no markup on advertising products.  We are your most cost-effective conduit to advertising on Snapchat in Africa.

Filters, Lenses & Snap Ads

Access Snapchat’s premium ad formats such as Lenses and Filters, and also enjoy access to Snap Ads.

Reach Close Friend Millennials

With 80% of South Africa’s Snapchat audience being between 16-34, Snapchat is the platform to deliver performance and reach for any Millennial focused campaign. Snapchat is the only platform where users actually play and entertain themselves with the advertisement.  Play times regularly exceed 30 seconds.  Snapchat is a close friends network: when someone uses your brand’s filter or lens, they are personally endorsing you to people that trust them.

Did you know?  The typical South African Snapchat user spends more than 30 minutes a day on Snapchat.

Advertising on Snapchat

Take advantage of Lenses, Filters and Snap Ads to entertain and influence Snapchat’s audience. Combine augmented reality with rich video to deliver impactful campaigns that are remembered.

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Want to meet?

Meet one of our team members to learn more about how Snapchat can help your business.