Blue Robot launches specialised business services operation focussing on low code / no code tech implementations.

Blue Robot - a South African marketing technology business now headquartered in London, today announces a low code / no code business unit - Blue Robot IO - aimed at deploying existing technologies to solve business automation needs.

“Blue Robot is trusted by leading global brands such as Porsche, Nike, Amazon, Ted Baker, Tommy Hilfiger and Volgswagen to deliver mission critical marketing automations. Today we’re extremely proud to extend our offering to other business sectors, with a focus on delivering turnkey business automation”

Sean Riley, CEO

We’ve seen the rise of Low Code / No Code platforms such as Trello, Zapier,, Airtable and Typeform in recent years - essentially these platforms help solve complex business requirements with little to no bespoke software development. However, these platforms still require deep levels of expertise to take full advantage of their capabilities. “This is where Blue Robot IO adds value, explains Riley. As Africa’s first certified Typeform & Zapier partner, we’re equipped to deploy best in class automations.”

There are very few business challenges that are so unique that they warrant bespoke development. Selecting a best fit Low Code / No Code platform gives businesses a rapid solution to complex problems - and - when correctly utilised - a competitive advantage.