Advertising on Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is quick, easy, and most importantly, your ad formats are native to the user experience. In 2015, Twitter made significant improvements to their Twitter Ads platform, making it one of the most efficient and simple to use for businesses (big or small).

Twitter’s objective based Ads campaigns are designed to help you achieve results that drive action and add value to your business. CPX pricing is offered to all advertisers, so you’re only paying for the actions you care about for your campaign like downloads, video views, website clicks, and the like. With Twitter Ads, you can get even more likes, amplify your message, and get more people talking about the things that matter to you most.

Twitter Flight School

Want to learn more? Consider taking a course in Twitter Flight School. Twitter Flight School is a dynamic learning experience to help you craft the best ways of integrating Twitter into your work.

You can:

  • Master the Twitter Ads landscape with in-depth product tutorials and continually refreshed content

  • Select a job-specific learning track customised to your specific learning needs

  • Access on-demand exclusive content to keep you ahead of the digital curve

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Twitter Ads booked through Ad Dynamo vs SMB

On the enterprise Twitter platform, you will enjoy all the free value adds such as technical support, access to exclusive Twitter features, an account executive, an account manager, and brand strategists. We work with all the stakeholders in the value chain such as the brand, the agency, and media buyers. As we represent the media owner we respect all relationships and due processes.

The idea behind having an enterprise solution is to allow advertisers to form deeper long-term partnerships with Twitter. Below are just some of the opportunities available to advertisers on the advanced enterprise platform:


Advanced Enterprise Platform Opportunities
  • We can offer access to awesome BETA features like ad carousels, Trend description, Tweet Engager Targeting and many more.
  • Ease of booking Premium Products such as First Views, Trends & In-Stream Video Solutions.
  • We have a whole team of Twitter-trained Account Executives, Account Managers and Brand Strategist that are specialists in Twitter Ads. With access to in-market Twitter user research/insights and worldwide benchmarks (to name just 2) we have all the information you will need.
  • As the exclusive ad sales partner of Twitter Africa we get the same training as a Twitter AE/AM & have access to the same tools.
  • We are always first to know about the latest Twitter product & feature updates which can include  access to and training on these.
  • Ad Dynamo raises funding sources for advertisers, which at a basic level can be described as 1 debit facility per campaign. This means you can’t spend more than the budget that was allocated to a campaign. This is the most important offering that directly counters a risk with credit card linking.