About Ad Dynamo

Established in 2009, Ad Dynamo has established itself as the leading digital sales house in Africa. We exist to solve business challenges for brands and deliver long term value.  Brands don’t exist to achieve great click through rates or engagement, those metrics mean little unless considered alongside real brand objectives.  Ad Dynamo believes that all marketing activity should be assessed alongside real measures that matter – sales, brand recall and leads are examples of outcomes that excite us. Ad Dynamo currently represents Twitter, Snapchat, Verizon Media and Spotify exclusively in Africa.  Three characteristics that differentiate the way in which Ad Dynamo sells media in Africa are:

-Every platform is represented by an exclusive team.  Each team member is an expert on the platform that they represent, offering brands access to best-in-class expertise.

-Ad Dynamo does not charge a markup on any media that we represent – costing is completely transparent, and each platform rewards us for representing them in Africa.

-We operate a brand strategy team that is a free resource to brands – we challenge brands to break new ground creatively and to plan for long term success.

Our secret sauce is no secret – it’s our people. We invest in our team and thoroughly believe that we hire the best people in the market.  Our own Ad Dynamo Academy is an internal tool that ensures that we are continually learning and improving.

Passionate about Africa

Ad Dynamo is headquartered in South Africa, and employs close to 100 team members. We’re passionate and knowledgeable about Africa, recognising that each country has its own unique culture and factors that have to be considered.  We help major digital platforms unlock growth across the continent through a focused approach towards each key market in Africa. Some of our strongest countries that we provide specialist focus on include: Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania and Mauritius.