Content Planning

  •  Internal owner(s) of your Twitter account
  •  Twitter profile page setup
  •  Content pillars defined
  •  Style / tone of brand defined
  •  Organic content plan
  •  Promoted Tweet content plan

Content Planning for Twitter

Twitter offers brands a fantastic platform for brands to develop their voice, tone & identity. Twitter also helps brands drive more traffic their websites, increase brand recall, purchase consideration & gives live, direct access to customers. We’ve gathered some best practice insights to help you plan your content on Twitter.

Before you start, it’s imperative that there is clear ownership within your organization. Who is reponsible for Tweets, replying to users & monitoring Direct Messages? Since Promoted Tweets are identical in format to organic Tweets, it makes sense for the same invidual(s) to manage your organic and paid content.

Don’t forget that your profile page is content too! It’s an opportunity to showcase your brand & give users a reason to follow you.

Best practice is to decide on 3-5 content pillars or subject matters that your brand will talk about. This helps to maintain a strong identity. Consistent content pillars mean that users know what they’ll get when they follow you.

Is your brand formal or informal? Approachable, professional, humorous? What content will best convey this and what Twitter Cards will best support you in achieving this? Is your brand conversational or informative?

Best practice is to schedule about 75% of your content. Everyday conversations on Twitter are the biggest opportunity and they are also predictable, allowing you to plan your content in advance. A brand should Tweet 2-5 times a day and about a third of your content should be promoted.

We’ve seen brands stretch the limits of creativity with 140 characters. Twitter Cards extend your canvas, allowing you to take advantage of rich media and purpose-built cards to achieve specific engagements. Tweets with videos and images achieve higher engagement and make a bigger impact. Learn more about Twitter Cards.