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We Know Your Audience

Music is personal.  Each song that a user listens to provides a new data point for optimized targeting.

The Ad Experience

Tell your brand’s story on Spotify with engaging ad formats that include audio, video and display.

Positive Mindset

We listen to music we love.  Reach your audience whilst they are in a positive mindset.

We're Here to Help

As Spotify’s exclusive ad sales partner in Africa, Ad Dynamo’s dedicated Spotify team is here to help your brand achieve high impact results.

We are what we Stream

Every song we play is a signal about our individual persona and state of mind.  Remember that time you listened to “99 Red Balloons” 11 times in a row?  Or how about the “Road Trip” playlist you’ve been creating over the past 2 weeks?

Every music choice offers marketers deep, data-led insights into the audience they’re targeting.  Find out which ad formats are best for your brand and how you can reach a highly emmersed audience, today.

Ad Dynamo & Spotify

As Spotify’s ad sales partner in South Africa, we work to ensure that brands get the most out of Spotify’s advertising offering.

We operate a local, dedicated team of Spotify experts to help deliver impact and results for local South African brands.

All brands that advertise on Spotify benefit from:

  • Local support and know how
  • Spotify campaign optimization and reporting
  • Access to global best practices – learn how other brands have achieved results on Spotify
  • Complete price transparency

The Best Music - Local and Global

We at Ad Dynamo are pretty stoked about Spotify.  It gives us access to the best music that the world has to offer, whilst also helping to surface local talent.  Spotify engages local artists to help them promote themselves and be discovered.

South Africans get to enjoy a diverse range of music whilst also discovering the great talent born in Africa.

Want to meet?

Meet one of our team directly to learn more about how Spotify can drive impact for your brand.