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Dedicated Team

Our official Ad Dynamo Sports sales team is made up of a passionate, knowledgable team.


Need inspiration to drive performance?  Our team is well equiped to challenge and inspire your strategic planning.

Price Transparency

Ad Dynamo Sports is dedicated to giving you complete transparency when it comes to pricing. 

Your Audience is Here

Ad Dynamo Sports helps you connect with 42 Million sports fans across Africa when they are most engaged with their interests.

Learn About Ad Dynamo Sports

With Ad Dynamo Sports, brands can create genuine connections with sports fans at every level. Reach 42 million targeted African sports fans across desktop and mobile, creating authentic connections between brands and fans when they’re the most engaged with their interests. 

We are able to access a highly engaged Pan African sports audience that allows advertisers to tap directly into the emotional intensity and loyalty among 20 million fans on over 260 exclusive websites.

Advertising Packages

Programmatic: OMP, PMP, automated guaranteed.

Direct Buy: IO, Data segments & Integrations.

High Impact: Rich media & disruptive.

Viewability: 70% & 100% Packages available.

Moment Marketing: Sports event and TV schedule trigger campaigns available.

Want to meet?

Meet one of our team  members to learn more about how Ad Dynamo Sports can help your business.